About Us

Established 2013, we are a collective of experienced financial and project industry individuals and accountants. We have a wide range of expertise and over 75 years of financial experience covering hands on management from bespoke operations to global multi-corporate businesses. We have worked in or on all of the following sectors:

  • All types of investment from regulated mutual funds, unit trusts, private placements, IPO’s, bonds, simple loans and debt obligations, complex secured investment based loans.
  • Unregulated investments in many forms and across a multitude of jurisdictions.
  • Lending: Consumer, commercial, asset backed, secured lending, bridge finance.
  • Green: Forestry, plantation, energy saving, fuels and natural resources.
  • Mining and minerals: from exploration to extraction and from resource lease stages to sale and refining of commodities extracted.
  • Markets: Foreign exchange, equities (liquid and illiquid), indices, bonds.
  • Property and development.
  • Retailing, wholesaling and auction (online and physical).
  • Fund Management.
  • Accountancy practices.
  • Financial analysis
  • Complex recovery and collection

PPL Consultants
Nexus House,
4 Brindley Road,
Old Trafford,
M16 9HQ
United Kingdom